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The Final Artwork

Citizens as co-creators – this will be the determining element of the permanent public art work. The narratives and conversations that are gathered through the residency process will be reviewed and evaluated until a short list of narratives emerges that encapsulates the citizens’ experience of Greenbank Road, and these stories will become the subject matter for the resulting artwork. Typically narratives that tend to be monumentalized in public art are representations of larger cultural ideologies, speaking of heroic events or extraordinary individuals. The process I am proposing inverts this dichotomy by monumentalizing the lived experience of the citizens of Barrhaven. The intent is to use traditional materials (such as bronze, steel, or stone) to bring to the surface complex social histories and narratives that might not otherwise be acknowledged: imagined monuments to the shared experiences of local residents. The resulting artwork could deal with the narrative of a lost pet, memorialize the site of tree lost to a lightning strike, or other events that are mythologized in the conversations with community members. The resulting sculpture will explore stories and tales that are rooted in the physical landscape of Greenbank Road - stories that establish a connection between a diverse set of citizens and the physical site.